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**Getting Started With Library Research**

An overview of where to start your research journey

More book options!

If you are doing advanced research on a subject, WorldCat is a place to find books - wherever you are. 

If you are near the Bay Area you can order books in WorldCat using Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and pick up the items either at the GTU library or the SFTS branch. 

However, if you are a distance student or finishing your research from somewhere further away WorldCat is still an excellent option to find books near you. First, you'll want to scope out your library options near you, since many public libraries offer ILL services to patrons. For example, if we have the book on our shelf, you could order it via your local library's ILL service and we could send it to the library for you to pick up. (We don't send books directly to home addresses, all books go library-to-library). Another option is that you might find the book right in your city and wouldn't have to wait for the mail. 

local zip code in Worldcat




There are two versions of WorldCat, this video shows the FirstSearch Interface. 

The other option is open access at