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**Getting Started With Library Research**

An overview of where to start your research journey

GTU Library barcode & semester stickers

New GTU Students: after you register for classes, your library account will be automatically created. The first time you checkout an item we will ask you to confirm your information and we will put a barcode on your card. This 14-digit barcode (or your 7-digit student ID number) can be used to remotely access material (like online articles) or to log into your account for renewals. 

NOTE: the ID number will need to be 7-digits long, so CDSP students will need to drop the first zero. 

Returning GTU students: every semester after you register, we will update your account with a new date so you can continue to checkout items. 

Please keep your preferred email address on file with us because that is where we will send you information about overdue books, fines, recalls, and holds. 

Current Semester Sticker: You'll get a current semester sticker from your registrar. An updated sticker is required if you want to use CAL's libraries. You don't need the sticker for the GTU library. 

Additional Library Accounts

As a student you may have additional accounts with other libraries. We will discuss using these libraries later in the guide.  

CAL (UC-Berkeley) account: All students and faculty are eligible for an account at the CAL libraries. GTU students who are cross-registered (taking a course at UCB) will receive a CAL ID card in addition to the CAL library card.

JST students only: JST students will receive a Santa Clara University account: MySCU 

PLTS students only: PLTS students will receive a CAL Lutheran account: MyCLU.

All California residents: (bring a piece of mail to show your address) are eligible for accounts in many public libraries including Berkeley and San Francisco. You don't need to live in Berkeley to get a Berkeley Public card. 

Renewing, holds, and recalls: library account terminology

What are all these library terms? You'll hear a lot of terminology around the library, here are some of the most frequently used terms. 

Holds- an item is checked out, and you'd like to be next on the list. Or, you'd like the item brought over from another GTU location (for example, it's in storage and you want it retrieved). You'll be notified (by email) when it's available for pickup. 

Recall- an item is checked out, and you'd like to ask for it to be returned before the due date. We will contact the person who has it and give them 2 weeks to return it. This process allows us to have long checkout periods. 

Renew- you'd like the book for longer and we can extend the due date. However, you won't be able to renew if there is a hold or recall on the item. 

Interlibrary Loan- the item is not owned by GTU (or CAL) and you'd like it from another library. 


For holds, recalls, or renewals: visit or call the circulation desk at GTU or SFTS. 

You can also renew your books online by logging into your library account