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*Distance students- guide to the library*

Are you an online, low-res, or commuter student? This guide will help you use library resources...wherever you are!

Away from the bay area?

If you are near a seminary or theological library in the US or Canada, please check with us. We are part of a program (ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program) that allows GTU students & faculty to use materials at other ATLA member-participating libraries. We can tell you more about this program, but you can zoom in to see libraries near you. Generally, the other library will want proof of your being a GTU current student, but if they would like confirmation of your current enrollment from a library just let us know. 

If you are located in an area without any ATLA libraries, please tell us the name of the city (contact us at or via the chat box). We can contact local theology libraries and see if they want to join- sometimes they just don't know about this program and are happy to share! If you aren't near a theology library, we can try and work something out with whatever libraries are in your area, just let us know.