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**Getting Started With Library Research**

An overview of where to start your research journey

Setting up your account at CAL

As a GTU student, faculty or staff member you have access to the libraries at CAL. This is a great resource especially if your research leads you into such disciplines as art, music, or science. Our collection is complementary, so you may also meet CAL students doing theology research in our stacks. 

Setting up your CAL account:  

Once registered for GTU classes, you will get a semester sticker from the registrar of your school. Take your ID to the Privileges Desk on the 1st floor of the Doe library to get a library card. (Privileges Desk hours)

When you have the card, you'll be able to check out materials and use CAL's many libraries. You'll also have on-campus access to their electronic resources such as articles and e-books. 


Note: only GTU cross-registered students (taking CAL classes) have remote access to electronic resources. Use your CAL student ID to login. 

Checkout periods, renewals and returns:

You'll use your CAL library card account to renew all materials from their library. Please notice the due dates may be different than the loan periods from GTU. You'll also need to return all CAL materials to any CAL library. (and return GTU materials to us!)

Using the library at CAL

Additional information about UC-Berkeley libraries


If an item is listed in OskiCat or MELVYL as "NRLF," then it is kept at the storage facility in Richmond. Copy down the NRLF number, and use this when you Submit a paging request, either online or at the Service Desk of Doe Library. Allow two working days to obtain the item. It is also possible go to NRLF in person; please contact NRLF by phone at 510-232-7767 for more information.


Copy cards for use in UCB Library photocopiers may be purchased from card dispensers located in some campus libraries or at the Library Copy Service located in Room 145 of Doe Library. Cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are accepted at the Library Copy Service. Users may add value to cards at the Library Copy Service or at the dispensers.

Electronic Resources at UC Berkeley

You may access web-based resources such as the CDL databases by going to a UCB Library and using a designated computer there. You do not need a password when using some of the computers of the UCB campus; some computers require CalNet authentication. Passwords for access to CDL databases from home are not available to GTU students; this is because access to these databases are governed by licensing agreements which restrict access only to UC students. These agreements are determined by the California Digital Library (CDL), the nine-campus UC systemwide library office (a separate entity from the offices of the UCB Library). A list of resources can be found on the Library's Electronic Resources page. Help Sheets for using many of these resources can be found at the CDL's Instructional Materials page.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If a book is at UCB, you will not be able to request this book through GTU Library Interlibrary Loan unless the book is listed as Missing, Withdrawn, or on Reserve for a UCB class. This is because GTU students, faculty, and visiting scholars can get library cards and borrow materials directly. If the book is at UCB but is checked out, you may place a request at the Doe Library Service Desk for that the book be recalled.

Tours and Workshops

Tours of Doe Library, Moffitt Library, and other libraries are offered throughout the school year. The UCB Library also offers workshops that are open to the public; see the schedule for information about both tours and workshops.