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Language Resources

Foreign language materials for learning and research

Language Resources

Most of our language dictionaries are shelved in the reference section, but you can check GRACE for a circulating copy. We also have books on grammar, syntax, and the history of the language for some texts- most of these are shelved downstairs in our circulating collection.  Be aware that specialized dictionaries may not be classified with other materials on a particular language, such as dictionaries of Buddhist terms. 

You can also do a subject search for English language -- dictionaries -- {insert language} to find more languages than we have listed here... we are always purchasing more, so check our catalog for new ones or suggest a purchase

Click the links below for a catalog search. 

Akkadian: PJ 3523-3547 Georgian: PK 9125 Phoenician: PJ 4185
Amharic: PJ 9237 German: PF 3620-3693 Polish: PG 6625-6693
Anglo-Saxon: PE 275-285 Greek: PA 445-1145 Portuguese: PC 5325-5348
Arabic: PJ 6620-6680 Hawaiian: PL 6446-6447 Punjabi:  PK1936 
Aramaic: PJ 5205 Hebrew (Mishnaic): PJ 4935-4937 Russian: PG 2625-2693
Armenian: PK 8439-8445 Hebrew: PJ 4825-4847 Sanskrit: PK 925-969
Avestan: PK 6106 HindiPK 1936 Serbo-Croatian: PG 1376
Bengali: PK1687/PE1628 Hungarian: PH 2625-2693 Spanish: PC 4620-4693
Bulgarian: PG 979 Indonesian: PL 5076-5077 Sumerian: PJ 4037
Chinese: PL 1420-1495 Italian: PC 1620-1693 Swedish: PD 5625-5693
Coptic: PJ 2181 Japanese: PL 674-686 Syriac: PJ 5489-5494
Czech: PG 4640 Javanese: PL 5176-5177 Tagalog: PL 6056
Danish: PD 3625-3693 Korean: PL 937 Tamil: PL 4756
Dutch: PF 620-693 Kpelle: PL 8411 Telugu: PL 4776
Egyptian: PJ 1423-1439 Latin: PA 2361-2389 Thai: PL 4185-4194
English: PE 1620-1693 Marathi: PK 2375 Tibetan: PL 3637
Esperanto: PM 8235 Norwegian: PO 2688-2695 Turkish: PL 189-195
Farsi: PK 6379 Pahlavi: PK 6177 Welsh: PB 1289-1295
Finnish: PH 279 Pali: PK 1089-1095 Urdu: PK 1976
French: PC 2620-2693 Persian: PK 6374-6386 Yiddish: PJ 5117