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Personal Branding

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The importance of your image- in person and online

It's become more important than ever for professionals to display strong interpersonal skills when looking for work. This would include communication, body language, and image, whether in-person or online.  

Professional attire goes hand in hand with interpersonal skills. Looking the part is often just as important as hard skills. 

  • Understand what’s appropriate in your field and dress to fit in, even in your profile pictures. 
  • Make sure your interview clothes fit properly, and are not too tight, too sexy, or too loose. 
  • Pay attention to your accessories, that your bag or briefcase is clean, and other accessories are not noisy (like dangly bangles or watches that beep on the hour). 
  • Don't wear strong perfume or strong smelling lotions. If you aren't sure if yours is too strong, ask a close friend. 
  • Think about your color choices, for example, if interviewing for an academic position, it's not advised to match the mascot's colors, or those of the opposing school. If you're giving a presentation, make sure the your outfit doesn't blend in with the background behind you.

For your online image, consider the following:

  • A consistent name for yourself, for example always using your full name, or initials, or a specific typography.
  • Use the same name for your publications, URLs, email addresses, and portfolios. 
  • Check online professional organization directories, to be sure you are listed in your preferred way. 
  • Create social networks beyond facebook and LinkedIn. Are there specific networks for your field like, educause, or regional networks?

The Power of Reputation

What's your reputation? You need to what you are known for, and what people think of your skills. 

Word-of-mouth: Use your network to your advantage. 

Feedback: Ask your trusted colleagues, ask your friends & classmates