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Thesis and Dissertation Guide

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Print Submission with the library

We receive a lot of questions about print submissions- here are the most common questions. If you have other questions, just contact us!

How many copies do I need?

The library requires two print copies. Some schools (such as IBS) may require additional copies for their own collection. Both copies should be identical. Some schools also require an electronic submission of the PDF in addition to the print copy. See the next tab for details. 

When can I come in to get my document checked?

Generally, a librarian is available during daytime, weekday hours (until 4pm on M,W,F and 6pm on T,TH) and on most Saturdays. We don't have a librarian able to check your copies on evenings or Sundays. Please bring your documents when they are finished and ready to submit. 

What do the librarians check?

When you are completely finished, we will check:

  1. that you are using the correct paper
  2. have 1.5 inch margins on the left, and 1 inch on the other sides
  3. that your committee has signed and dated all copies of the title pages

It takes about 2 minutes, and the librarian can sign your form from your school. 

Do I need an appointment? 

No, but if you are coming on a Saturday we recommend you check a day or two before to make sure a librarian is on-duty. 

Can I print it at the library?

No, as it's too big of a job and a lot of people use the printer (you wouldn't want to waste your fancy paper), but you can print it at home or use one of the many print shops in the area. 

Can you help me with Turabian?

Yes! While we don't have the staff to proofread your document, we are happy to help with Turabian questions. We suggest you run your material through the software Grammarly to check for potential grammar and citation errors. Account login information is accessible via Moodle using your official school email address.