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Personal Copies via Trappist Abbey

The GTU Library contracts with the Trappist Abbey Bookbindery for all its books and periodicals, as well as the theses/dissertations submitted to the library.  The library does not send personal thesis/dissertation copies for binding.  Students wanting personal copies bound can upload a PDF and have the printed copy sent to you. Copies start at $27 each, in your choice of color.

The monks at the Trappist Abbey (in Carlton, OR) have been providing the GTU library with binding of theses and dissertations for decades. In addition to binding to support their monastic life, they also bake fruitcake.

monks binding

Personal Copies via ProQuest

ProQuest will bind personal copies, and offers discounts for bulk ordering. Hardbound copies start at $51 for a single copy. If you are uploading a PDF for your school requirements, you have the option to purchase a copy at that time, or you can purchase anytime later. Information on author purchases. 

graduate student Additionally, ProQuest allows you to purchase other people's dissertation and theses as a download or copy. However, as a GTU student, you will already have download access to GTU theses and dissertations. For access to all other (non-GTU school) theses and dissertations, please visit UC-Berkeley for online access.

See the Viewing completed theses and dissertation tab in this guide for more information.