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*Visitors' guide to the GTU library*

The GTU library offers a wide range of services to the community. Learn more about getting a card and using the GTU library here!

Searching GRACE

GRACE is our library catalog. You can use GRACE to search for books, theses and dissertations, and other items in our collection. For most research, GRACE will be your starting place for physical items in the library. (Please use the databases to search for articles, more information in another tab). Use the advanced search for more options, such as searching for items in a specific language. A GRACE search box is also available on our library homepage. You can request items in GRACE or create a list of items in GRACE to save for later. If you place a request, you will receive an email from when the items are available for pick-up. Since the email comes automatically from our software, you may want to add the address to your contacts so that any email notifications don't go to your spam or junk folders.

GRACE basic search:

Library Locations

Once you find a book in the catalog you want, finding it on the shelf can be a challenge if you are new to the GTU library.

Here is an example of how to decipher where the item is located.



For this item, we own two copies, one at the GTU library (in Berkeley) and the other at the SFTS branch (in San Anselmo).

The status is important to note "Available" means it's on the shelf and can be checked out. If it lists a date, the item is checked out and the date is the due date. It could also have a status of "Library Use Only" which means you can use it, but it can't be taken out of the building. The Reference collection, full of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks, is one example of a collection of items that cannot leave the building. Please ask us about materials in the archives or storage, these will need to be retrieved for you.

The SFTS library also has a circulating collection spread out on multiple floors, and a non-circulating reference collection. The courier delivers materials to and from SFTS on Mondays and Fridays. 

Reading Call Numbers

We use the Library of Congress Classification system, which means that most of our collection is shelved in the B's. (B is Religion and Philosophy).

To find an item, break down the call number into sections, using the example above BR60 .A38 v.66. First find the BR section, then to 60. After that, you'll look for A38. The final part of the number is a volume, this particular item is part of a multi-volume set, but sometimes the final numbers are the year of publication.  

You might need help the first couple of times finding materials, just stop by the reference desk and a librarian will be happy to help you find it in the stacks. 

GTU theses and dissertations

The GTU library keeps two copies of all theses and dissertations: one copy circulates (you can check it out) while the second copy is kept in our archives. The circulating copy is kept in the stacks on the lower level, shelved by topic, so you'll see them mixed in with books of the same topic. If you need help finding one, please let us know. You can search for these in GRACE by title, author, or keyword just like any other book.