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Ecospirituality: Environmental Pathways to Healing

Additional study resources for GTUx Originals Series course, Ecospirituality: Environmental Pathways to Healing

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Select Publications

Sherma, Rita D., Devin P. Zuber and Matthew Hartman, Editors. Visions for a Viable Future (pending, Bloomsbury, 2022),

Sherma, Rita D., “Sentience and Sensitivity: The Self-Awareness of Plants” (Visions for a Viable Future).

Sherma, Rita D., & Purushottama Bilimoria, Editors. Religion & Sustainability ~Interreligious Resources, Interdisciplinary Responses:

Intersection of Sustainability Studies and Religion, Theology, Philosophy, published through Springer Nature’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Series (UNEP SDGs), a project of the UNEP Publisher’s Compact.

Sherma, Rita D., “Sustainability Studies: Beyond the Denial of Religion & Theology as Resources” (Religion & Sustainability, Sherma

and Bilimoria, Editors)

 Sherma, Rita D., “Leading Change through Sacred Eco-praxis: Cultivating Ecological Belonging as a Holy Task” (Review &

Expositor Special Issue on Leading Change As Sacred Praxis, Valerie Miles-Tribble Editor, Sept. 2021)

Sherma, Rita D., “Relationality and Revelation: Early Hindu Ecological Visions” (Religions [Journal], Special Issue on Hinduism,

Jainism, Yoga and Ecology, Christopher Key Chapple, Editor, June 24th, 2021)

Sherma, Rita D. (2020) "Healing and Hope in a Time of COVID-19, Climate Calamity, and Broken Communities," Journal of Hindu-

Christian Studies: Vol. 33, Article 6. (

Select Projects & Online Presentations