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Buddhist Studies

An overview of library resources about Buddhism

Getting Started

If you are new to using our library resources, please check out our Getting Started with Library Research guide. It can give you an overview on searching for books and articles. We are also available to help in person, on the phone, or via email. Don't be afraid to Ask a Librarian!

We are constantly adding items to our collection and we'd love to hear from you. Please use our suggest a purchase form to let us know what we could add in Buddhist Studies (or any other theology topic). 

Sample Subject Searches

In GRACE (our catalog) and in the article databases you can do a keyword search for your topic, but looking at the subjects is a great way to be more specific. Here are some sample subject searches from GRACE to get you started. 

Buddhism - [Country Name]

Buddhism - Doctrines

Buddhism - History

Buddhism - Relations - Christianity

Buddhism - Sacred Books

Buddhist Ethics

Buddhist Literature

Buddhist Monasticism and Religious Orders

Buddhist Philosophy

Buddhist Sects

Dharma (Buddhism)

Gautama Buddha

Hinayana Buddhism

Mahayana Buddhism

Pali Literature

Pure Land Buddhism

Shin (Sect)

Shin (Sect) - Doctrines

Tantric Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism


Zen Buddhism