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**Getting Started with Library Research**

Learn how to use the GTU library, including finding books & articles & more.


Front of libraryWelcome to the GTU library.

This LibGuide* can help you begin your research experience and learn about our resources and services and navigating these while the library buildings are closed. No matter what your degree program or current research project may be, this guide will help you along your way. You can use the side bar to jump around to the section you want, or there are navigation buttons at the bottom of every page to read the guide in a linear way. 

We have reference librarians available if you have questions- you can contact us by phone, chat, or email. The contact information is on the left side of every page in the guide, just below the sidebar. 

*LibGuide is pronounced with the "Lib" like Liberty!

Getting help

You'll be interacting mostly with two departments while using the library: circulation and reference. 

The reference department has librarians who can help you with your research, using the library, or any other questions on course work you might have. We are available during weekday, business hours and our contact information is on this page and every LibGuide. You'll be able to tell by looking at the chat box if we are online or not. Chat and email are the best ways to contact a librarian. Librarians are also available to meet with you one-on-one in Zoom (by appointment) for more in-depth research help. 

The circulation department is best reached by telephone if you have questions about your account. There is a member of the circulation staff available during weekday business hours

Circulation department at GTU: 510-649-2500
Circulation department at SFTS branch: 415-451-2845