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**Getting Started with Library Research**

Learn how to use the GTU library, including finding books & articles & more.

More book options!

If you are doing advanced research on a subject, is a place to find books - wherever you are. 

If you are near the Bay Area you can order books in WorldCat using Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and pick up the items through the curbside appointment system either at the GTU library or the SFTS branch.  

However, if you are a distance student or finishing your research from somewhere further away is an excellent option to find books near you. First, you'll want to scope out your library options near you, since many public libraries offer ILL services to patrons. For example, if we have the book on our shelf, you could order it via your local library's ILL service and we could send it to the library for you to pick up. (We don't send books directly to home addresses, all books go library-to-library). Another option is that you might find the book right in your city and wouldn't have to wait for the mail. 

Please note that some libraries cannot send their items through interlibrary loan during the pandemic. 

local zip code in Worldcat


Other options: 

Many public libraries are part of regional library borrowing programs, which often include Academic libraries. Using these might be a faster way to get the items you want, without using Interlibrary Loan. They could have as little as a 2-day delivery option, and you might get the books for a longer checkout period. As with interlibrary loan, some of these services may be disrupted or inactive during the pandemic.

Here are some examples, but check with your local librarian for more information:


Away from the bay area?

If you are near a seminary or theological library in the US or Canada, please check with us. We are part of a program (ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program) that allows GTU students & faculty to use materials at other ATLA member-participating libraries. We can tell you more about this program, but you can zoom in to see libraries near you. Generally, the other library will want proof of your being a GTU current student, but if they would like confirmation of your current enrollment from a library just let us know. 

If you are located in an area without any ATLA libraries, please tell us the name of the city (contact us at or via the chat box). We can contact local theology libraries and see if they want to join- sometimes they just don't know about this program and are happy to share! If you aren't near a theology library, we can try and work something out with whatever libraries are in your area, just let us know. 

Please note that during the pandemic, some libraries may be reducing services to visitors or ceasing services entirely.