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**Getting Started with Library Research**

Learn how to use the GTU library, including finding books & articles & more.

Why Zotero?

From grab your research with a single click

A personal research assistant.

Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. Whether you're searching for a preprint on, a journal article from JSTOR, a news story from the New York Times, or a book from your university library catalog, Zotero has you covered with support for thousands of sites.

Store anything.

Zotero collects all your research in a single, searchable interface. You can add PDFs, images, audio and video files, snapshots of web pages, and really anything else. Zotero automatically indexes the full-text content of your library, enabling you to find exactly what you're looking for with just a few keystrokes.

Please read the Zotero download page for the download options

**Recommended** Zotero tutorials: these short videos will give you a tour of zotero's features and how to install. 

We taught a streaming workshop in YouTube on Zotero, but you can watch the archived version here:


Zotero FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions asked by GTU students.

How do I make sure I don't lose all save citations?

Sync your data! You'll need to create a free account (user name and password) and then you can sync (and save) data on any computer!


How do I find the turabian style, it's not one of the defaults?

You can use the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Turabian is built off of the Chicago citation style. You can also download any citation style you might need from Zotero's style repository. Here are the instructions.


Known problem with alphabetization of multiple works by the same author: 

Zotero is not dropping the initial articles (a, an, the) and this will cause the alphabetization to be wrong if you have multiple works by the same author. It's alphabetizing first by author, then if there are multiple works by that author- that is where the problem will show up. You'll need to manually move these around in your Word bibliography after they are imported from Zotero.  


I have a bibliography in another format (such as Word, Pages, PDF). How do I convert it to a format that Zotero can import?

Here is the full documentation. The easiest way is to use Anystyle: Paste, parse, save, and then import into Zotero. 


Is Zotero installed on any machines in the library?

Yes- at the GTU library Zotero in firefox is installed on the three sit-down machines across from the restrooms in the library. 


Who can help me with zotero?

The GTU reference librarians can answer your zotero questions. Chat, visit, email, or stop by!





Advanced Zotero Workshops